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The gallery

The gallery was founded in June 1999 as a complete virtual gallery. We give artist the chance to present their work without the restricts of an convetional gallery of time, place and location. The further concept is to build a stock of art in this gallery. Means, every exhibition will stay in the created virtual rooms and for every new exhibition a new room will be added.

The artists

The selection of the artists takes place via a Editorial board under presidency from Simon Huck. The selection of the artists takes place after pure artistic and not according to commercial criteria. Thus a next to each other from acquaintance and unknown quantities of the art scene develops. By the contacts of Simon Huck to the German and world-wide art scene and the increasing publicity of the gallery rises the number of painters, sculptor, network artists [... ] for following, interesting exhibitions. The Editorial board, whose members of all age groups consists, ensures besides a balanced composition of different art styles.


The Homepage of the gallery was programmed for the Internet Explorer 5,0. It is also usable for Opera 3,6, Netscape 4.0/3.0 and Internet Explorer 4.0/3.0. In addition Javascript is necessary! If you have problems please contact the webmaster ( ).


You have the chance to advertise in the ' Cyberdays Gallery '. For this we offer 2 possibilities to you:

1) Banner circuit on the start page

To continue with a clear and nice Screen-Design the only possibility exists to advertise on the start page( Because max. 2 displays are switched, your banner is very remarkable. The primary target group of our supply are art-interested and artists. Beside predominantly German-speaking prospective customers are ~15% from foreign European country, the USA and Asia. About the price-structure we would like to inform you personally. Also the possibility of a banner exchange exists.

2) In the monthly published newsletter

Until twice in the month our german newsletter appears. Recipients are to 50% museums, galleries, artists and editors. Because the number of the subscribers rises daily, I can not tell you exact number here.

If you are interested to advertise in the gallery pleae contact us

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